About FIT

Forward In Technology was established in January 2014 and is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can find a list of our reliable, motivated, and experienced employees below. Its parent company is Bankers Bancorp, and its sister companies are The Bankers Bank and Bankers Professional Services, Inc. Our primary client industries include community banks, legal, construction, and nonprofits.

Technology and security for the financial industry requires very high standards. FIT was conceived by The Bankers Bank and continues its primary ties to banking. This upbringing begets innate care for customer data and security. The daily interaction between our sister companies also give us unique insights into the pain that some security can cause. Through this tension of security and productivity, we work with each company and department to create the most efficient use of technology possible.

But our team didn't just start in IT in 2014. In fact, some of our clients have been with our managing director since 1999. Our client retention is extremely high because we invest in workflow, business practices, relationships, and trust. FIT is more than a vendor or partner; it's more like part of the internal staff of the companies we serve. 

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Meet the Team



Managing Director

Years with FIT: 11



Operations Manager

Years with FIT: 10

Jay Potts Fun


IT Infrastructure Manager



Cybersecurity Administrator

Years with FIT: 8



Senior Network Administrator

Years with FIT: 5



Systems Administrator

Years with FIT: 4



Communication Systems Specialist

Years with FIT: 2



Endpoint Management Specialist

Years with FIT: 2



Service Desk Manager

Years with FIT: 2



IT Specialist

Years with FIT: 2

Eric Holtz Fun


IT Specialist



IT Specialist

Company Culture

Employees are far more than numbers on our payroll or resources to exploit. The attitude and satisfaction of each FIT employee directly determines FIT's success and client retention. We can calculate the circle of growth and dependence through clients, employees, management staff, and the board. FIT only becomes successful when each member of this system is respected and fulfilled. Focusing on this dynamic can make for a good company, but what makes FIT a great company? 

First, potential candidates are evaluated with long term employment in mind and a strong commitment to trust, teamwork, responsibility, learning and attitude. FIT management commits to employees to nurture them in learning and provide opportunities for growth both individually and with the company. 

Once the employee is hired, we are thoughtful about employee retention. Every employee is respected; their opinions are heard and vital. Employee health (mental and physical), growth, skills, and success are of primary importance to FIT's executive team. In fact, one new employee recently said, "Everyone here is nice and it turns out FIT, as an organization, is as well." A healthy and encouraged staff leads to a higher level of service to FIT clients. 

In large part because of employee attitude, Forward In Technology boasts solid customer retention. FIT recognizes first a responsibility to existing customers before sales to potential clients. In this way, our best advertisement is the relationship we enjoy with our clients. We strive to give each client our undivided attention, treat them uncommonly well, and demonstrate our great appreciation.