FIT's core competency is in the management and security of the technology for your business. Our Proactive IT Management (PIM) is a customized suite of products and services designed for the benefit of employee productivity and security. 

Every company is different and so plans and pricing are customized  to exactly fit. Whether you have an in-house IT staff or no one on  staff with any IT experience, FIT can devise a model that is right for  you! Some companies don't need all of our services, but just a few.  For this reason, FIT doesn’t force the Proactive IT Management  model, but allows for customization. Maybe you just need a good  patch management team or help with the setup and management  of Microsoft 365. We're happy to exactly fill these kinds of technology gaps.

Under PIM, there is no stress in calling our support desk. The support is included in the monthly pricing and our technicians are friendly and eager to make your employee's day better. 

Though some items in the list below are optional, most clients receive the following services within PIM. This list is ever growing. So, if you need something that is not listed, we might already be planning on it. 

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Infrastructure Support

Server and workstation help desk support (onsite and remote) 

New workstation setup and continued maintenance 

Server maintenance 

New employee setup 

24x7x365 Emergency Support

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Proactive Maintenance

Patch management 


Server and workstation health monitoring 

Secure configurations of servers, workstations, and many network devices 

Software updates 

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Business Relationship

Quarterly business review (QBR) 

Reports for ticketing, patch management, antivirus, security training, and more 

Customer portal with dashboards for ticketing, patch, and more 

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User Security and Productivity

Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Cloud

Email security and filtering through Mimecast and Microsoft Cloud

Security training & phishing campaigns

Data breach monitoring

Password management

DMARC Analysis/Compliance

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Audit Preparation and Remediation

Internal vulnerability scans

Microsoft Cloud Audit - reports about security of your Microsoft Cloud configs

Audit scans and reports for cybersecurity insurance preparation, NIST, CMMC, and HIPAA

Customized involvement and reporting for audits and exams

Website Defacement Monitoring 

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Infrastructure Management/Monitoring

Firewall Management

Monitoring and alerts 

Aggregate logs from multiple sources (Active Directory, Microsoft Cloud, third party events, etc.) for correlation and detection of security threats/risks both inside and outside of the network. 

Analysts monitoring and alerting from Security Operations Center 24x7 

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Product and Service Details

(More details coming soon)

Whether the service you need is part of PIM or to be purchased a la carte, you will likely find it listed below. Much of what FIT offers can be found here, but feel free to ask us about a service that you don't see listed - we might have just left it off the list or we're working on better developing that item.

Best Practices Assessment

There are a few reasons why you might want FIT to assess your environment for best practices: 

  • Seeking out areas of improvement for a more efficient environment
  • Affirmation about the existing setup 
  • Looking to move from your current MSP and would like some guidance for improvements 
  • It's a no-commitment start with Forward In Technology to see if the relationship between our
    companies is a good fit.

The following will be included in the assessment report:

  • Internal vulnerability scan including remediation recommendations 
  • Network map including hardware used for network equipment, VLANs, and more 
  • Firewall overview (rules, policies, security settings) 
  • Server overview 
  • Backup and DR configuration and current status 
  • Endpoint protection software including antivirus and patch management solutions 
  • Email and email filtering solution overview 
  • Warranty report on all workstations and servers 
  • In-house IT personnel with summary of responsibilities

Would you like to know how your organization aligns with technology standards? Contact FIT for a best practices assessment.