When searching for a vendor, it is nice to go to the website and find the pricing clearly marked. Often, this makes vendor research so much easier. We wish it could be that easy here, too, but our focus on customization and flexibility just doesn't allow for advertised pricing. 

With primary focus on proactive IT management, FIT's pricing model is a monthly recurring flat fee plan. Occasionally, we handle a project through an hourly or fixed rate, but the best business match for us is through long-term relationship and recurring/proactive services. 

Each company is unique and so many factors go into our pricing model from endpoint count to server and branch complexity. Even two companies of nearly the same size might have a different monthly pricing plan. FIT management invests a lot of time in fairness and value, which we are happy to discuss. 

Depending upon the type and visible complexity of a company, FIT often prefers to complete an assessment before creating a proposal. This Best Practices Assessment is highly detailed and often leads to growth for the prospective client whether or not FIT is chosen as their MSP.