Community Banking

Forward In Technology was primarily designed to support community banks. As a sister company of The Bankers Bank, FIT is uniquely positioned to handle the requirements placed on the financial industry through audits and exams. Our compliance experts will work alongside your staff in audit response and remediation. 

Security and compliance are of high importance, but we do not let these controls restrict bank employee productivity. FIT configures secure environments for employee ease of use. When configured with humans in mind, security and productivity are not opposing forces. 

FIT's high standards and controls are audited annually through a SOC 1 Type 2. Because vendor management is so important in our regulated industry, we quickly respond to requests for reports, financials, and insurances. 

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FIT's managing director started in IT with a consulting company specifically catering to attorneys in 1999. FIT is proud of long-term relationships with our legal industry clients. Like the financial industry, law firms collect and store vast amounts of confidential data. FIT uses NIST self-assessments to narrow the gaps towards NIST compliance. 

Attorneys and paralegals often view time differently than workers in other industries. We recognize the value of time and provide solutions for maximum reliability and the fewest interruptions. This includes hourly backups so that if a disaster occurs, no work product is lost. 


Construction companies are unique in their employee hierarchy and worksite remote offices. Collaboration amongst supervisors and project managers puts a larger focus on the mobile workforce than many other industries. Not only do these remote workers need productive tools, they also need mobile device management to ensure proper use of the device and peace of mind in cases when a device is broken or lost. 

Government contractors now have specific requirements related to CMMC. Though the government has changed their use of the program over the last couple of years, it is still important to demonstrate compliance through a self-assessment. FIT helps construction companies reach the appropriate CMMC compliance level. 



Numerous energy companies are at home in Oklahoma and other states our region. Since 2003, FIT's staff has worked closely with oil and gas companies. The amount of data (e.g. seismic) can burden a network, but employees still require fast access to current and old well data. FIT has deployed high availability solutions on-premises, in data centers, and in the cloud for energy companies. 


FIT has a long history working with non-profit organizations. In fact, we can trace our history to a 1999 non-profit organization, which still looks to FIT for managed services. We understand non-profit staff's interaction with their board, volunteers, and how to adhere to budget constraints. 

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, FIT leverages the charity pricing and donations through the Microsoft programs. The benefits are vast under the non-profit status with Microsoft. 

Though non-profits often have tighter budgets, their security requirements are no less than many financial institutions. FIT customizes the services model to stay within a reasonable budget while also applying the best practices in security.